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Download and free trial

Good news: Our APP has passed the Apple company's review and can be finded in the APP Store now. Windows and Android version have been ready too.

We have 2 versions: a free version and a full version. The full version  contains 3300 simplified Chinese characters, each character has an animation to illustrate it and an animation showing order of strokes. There are so many characters in it and the file is about 340MB, so it will take some time to download and install it.

If you want to try our software at once, please download the free version first, It is small.

1. The free version

. For iphone: Search "easiest Chinese characters" in the App Store.

. For Android phone: You may download it from Google Play store:

The free version download link

2. The full version

. For iphone: Search "3300 easiest Chinese characters" in the App Store.

. For Android phone:  You may scan the QR codes below with your android phone to download it to your phone.

         or from here:  The Android version download link  

. For Windows PC: You may choose one of the download links to download this version.

 Windows version: download1   download2   download3