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2. Why is character the only way to learn Chinese well?

Chinese character is somewhat like the letter in English. No one can learn English well without memorizing these letters. However, character is greatly different from English letter in the way that learner only needs to memorize 26 English letters and then learn different vocabularies composed by these 26 letters while learner is required to learn about 1500 characters to complete a common book smoothly.

In the past, mechanical memorization was the only way to learn Chinese characters. It was very hard but had no choice, and foreigners only had to learn Chinese by Pinyin. Nowadays, our way may help learners understand each character pattern and associate character pattern with meaning. Such a way forms an understanding memory process, simple and interesting, and greatly improves the efficiency of learning.

After identifying characters, people can understand the structure of sentences more precisely and the meaning of sentences, and gradually become capable to express their own thought with proper characters. Only in this way, can people learn Chinese well. Our way has laid an unprecedented highway to Chinese learning for people.

Some Chinese characters are very similar in pattern and learners are likely to get confused before these similar Chinese characters. Our instruction on characters can be as precise as to every stroke and part, so that learners are able to put together characters with similar forms and learn them. In this way, learners will not get confused and can learn more characters at a time. Also, learners can identify the difference between them and is unlikely to make a mistake. Traditional teaching method is very difficult to achieve this effect.