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3. What are the features of the software?

This software has the following features:

1. The product can explicitly express the meanings of many characters by animation according to their shape and people can easily understand in just one glance.

2. Chinese characters are composed by more than 100 components of fixed shapes and all of them can be presented by the method mentioned in term 1. On this basic, in learning those characters which cant be directly presented by animation according to their shapes, we make a connection between the meaning and component of each character and then provide an imagination and explanation, so that the shape of one character is closely related with its meaning. Chinese character cant be learnt by rote; instead, we should set up the memory on understanding to remember them profoundly. For example:

a., which means garage, is composed by () and (). () symbolizes a large house while () stands for a car, so that we can imagine as: There is a car () in a large house () and this house is a garage ().

b., which means light weight, is composed by (һˡ). () symbolizes car, (һ) meaning one, () being a person, and () indicates a tool, so that we can imagine as: A car () accommodates a person () and a tool (), so it is lightly () loaded.

3. This method enables the learner to observe the shape of character and identify each component with his right brain while trying to understand the logical relationship between components with left brain. This is a good way of developing intelligence. Meanwhile, the explanation and animation included in the software are imaginative and are helpful for the cultivation of creative thinking.

4. 3300 common characters contained in the software can completely cater for the learning requirement. Even for a common Chinese, these characters are sufficient to benefit his whole life.