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4.How to teach and study?

1) Teaching principle: priority should be given to encouragement. Once a student makes a progress, he should be praised. We cant imperatively force children to learn but should keep them in pleasant mood in learning.

2) Learning load: for children, 1~2 characters each time and 2~6 characters per day at the start and the learning load can be added by the receptivity of children later. The approach of learning a few times a day with only a few contents and short learning period for each time is suggested. Remember: dont rush or make children learn for 20~30 min without a break in between.

3) Teaching step: a teacher can point to a character to be learnt at the lower right, explain the meaning of the character to students, and has students read it and make a phrase with mandarin, and then click on this character to play animation. After that, the teacher should have students read the character and its phrase at least 3 times to deepen the impression.

4) The whole learning process must carry out the method of rotational review all along. Specific method: with every new character learnt, the teacher should have students read all the characters again learnt at the last time or just now; Students should review all the characters learnt yesterday or the day before yesterday. Review should be repeated several times a day. In a review, students just need to identify and read the characters learnt and dont necessarily watch animation. We suggest students write down characters on pieces of paper and paste them to the wall or bring along for a review when free. Such a view like that only takes one or two minutes a time.

5) When almost 100 characters have been learnt, students must start to read reading matters for children. The more characters they learn, they will identify more characters and gradually understand the sentences in the books. The more they read, the more interests they will develop.

6) Try to follow the arrangement sequence of software, so that the characters or components learnt previously can serve as basic and students can get familiar with the structure of characters step by step.