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The easiest scheme of learning Chinese characters.

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What do the two characters above mean? Yes, it is just laugh and flower.

Here is a revolutionary new scheme for Chinese characters learning, it demonstrates many characters with cartoon and imaginative explanation. No matter you are a Chinese or a foreigner, you will learn a character in about 30 seconds.

The full version of this scheme contains 3300 common Chinese characters and can meet all people's learning requirements. Versions for Windows, Android and iPhone are available for download, free trial.

Though there are many characters, there are only over 100 Chinese character components composing all the characters. In this scheme, each component has visual cartoon and each Chinese character has innovative explanation. These explanations associate font structure with meaning. Therefore, literacy does not mean mechanical memory, but understanding memory process which greatly improves the efficiency of literacy.

At present, millions of Chinese children have adopted this new way and the effect will be very great for foreigners.



1. Why it is so difficult to learn Chinese through Pinyin?

2. Why is character the only way to learn Chinese well?

3. What are the features of the software?

4. How to teach and study?

5. How is the format of explanation in the software?

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