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1. Buy    2.Register    3.Notes  

1.Buy a key.

User may pay via PAYPAL.  Our paypal account is: klxxszf@163.com

The Windows version's price is $99 per-key, at present we offer a significant discount for 20 days, It is only $59.99 per-key now!


The Android version's price is $99 per-key, at present we offer a significant discount for 20 days too, It is only $59.99 per-key now!  


If you need two versions both, The price is $99.99.


More  Payment Method:

We also accept Bitcoin  and Alipay If you want to use these two methods of payment, please contact us before you pay.


  Download and install the software to your device, run it, You may see the Machine code in the registration page of the software.

Make a payment.

Copy the content below displayed by blue words, fill the items and send it to us (our e-mail address: zi1234help@gmail.com ), We will usually confirm the payment and respond to user with a key within 1 working day.

    Hello. I remitted the payment on X Date X Month . Please confirm it and email the key. My registration information is as follow:
    My version: Windows / Android / Both Versions
    Machine code:   
(must be filled, It's in the registration page of the software)
    Transaction number:


  The software is specific to a computer/mobile phone user chooses to run. User needs to copy machine code from software register page and then email it to us after making payment. We will usually respond to user with register code on the same day.

  A machine code is unique to a computer/mobile phone, as well as register code. As long as the equipment is the same, even though a computer system is reinstalled or mobile phone software is uninstalled and reinstalled, the original register code still works. User is recommended to save the register code.

  If machine code is not available in Android version, please open Wifi first, and restart the software.

For computer version, if a machine code is copied without wifi connection, the register code obtained should also be filled in without wifi connection and the software should also be run without wifi either. Only this way can keep the registered status of software. Vice versa, if a machine code is obtained and filled in wifi connection, the operation of software will require wifi connection too.